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             For some people, an allergy is merely a nuisance. It causes an itchy, runny nose, congestion, and itchy eyes, among other symptoms, but it's able to be contended with. For others, the symptoms interfere with their quality of life. And for people with asthma and other lung conditions, allergies are a medical concern. At Health Care Solutions we want patients to know there's help, and it often starts with allergy testing.

When to Seek Allergy Testing

            If you have allergy symptoms, whether mild or severe, allergy testing can help identify the source so you can avoid it. This is especially the case if you can't seem to pinpoint your allergy just based on the season and other factors.

            Our practitioner particularly recommends people with chronic respiratory problems, sinus and ear problems and skin problems to get allergy tested and have their allergies under control.

            It's also vital for anyone who has severe allergy symptoms that are disrupting their lives and holding them back from doing what they love.

How We Test

             First and foremost, our doctor will ask you about your symptoms and when you experience them the most. This gives us some insight into the severity as well as the possible allergen. We'll then perform a comprehensive skin testing, intradermal testing and if needed bloodwork. You have different ones that will be more prevalent based on your allergen response and testing. 

How We Help Combat Your Allergies

   Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center at Health Care Solutions is an Allergy testing and immunotherapy clinic that provides comprehensive testing and treatment to children and adults throughout New Mexico and West Texas. Abhinav Singh, MD and his compassionate team offers exceptional care grounded in extensive medical allergy and environmental experience. 

           Our team treats all type of allergies, from seasonal allergies and food allergies to chemical sensitivities and allergic skin conditions. We determine the root causes of each person's allergies, including those who haven't been helped by other clinics. Advanced testing allows us to precisely diagnose the source of symptoms and develop customized allergy treatment planning. 

      Each patient can count on individualized care that encompasses comprehensive allergy testing, immunotherapy, therapeutic diets, nutritional supplementation and extensive patient education. We work tirelessly to teach environmental and lifestyle changes that improve each persons quality of life. 

           Our team is highly regarded by physicians who refer their allergy patients to Health Care Solutions Allergy and Environmental Treatment Center. 

           Our team has helped many allergy patients return to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Don’t wait any longer to gain relief from your allergy symptoms. Call the office or book an appointment online today.

Health Care Solutions can provide you with allergen testing and determine the cause of your annoying allergy symptoms. We Offer Immunotherapy treatments as well. We can also provide you with relief. Contact us today by dialing (575) 524-3346 for an appointment.

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