About our Practice

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive assessment of your health needs as a road map to help you navigate through health problems with a new understanding and perspective. We want to help you gain the understanding that will allow you, not only to understand and address the causes of disease and ill health but know what to do to return to your optimal health.

Our wish is to have everyone say, "I didn't know I could feel so good!"

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the premise that disease arises when imbalances exist and by identifying the sources of the imbalance and removing them while at the same time supporting the vital systems in the body there will be a return to health. In doing so we draw on the best of science using both conventional and patient -centered approach to testing methods not just to arrive at a diagnosis but to identify and understand specifically where the imbalances that lead to illness exist and how to correct them. We utilize principles of Allopathic, integrative and patient-centered medicine.

We take preventive medicine seriously and offer many diagnostic tests at our practice. We take a care approach to our patients well being that utilizes connected, comprehensive, regular monitoring and try to create an environment where patients are encouraged to be part of their healthcare management. 

Our Facility

Our practice resides in a modern and comfortable environment with highly skilled and friendly staff ready to assist in your healthcare needs. Our amenities are high tech, employing paperless electronic medical records, state-of-the-art vital signs monitoring system, EKG system, and automated patient portal system that will enhance communication between the doctor, staff, and the patient.

Health Care Solutions

To request appointment availability, please call our office at (575) 524-3346.

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