A Word From Our Providers

Dear Patient,

We would like to use this opportunity to explain our mission and perspective to you, with you being the most important aspect of our practice! Our mission, and primary focus at this office, is to guide and assist you in achieving your best health and insure your complete satisfaction in and understanding of the care you receive.

Our goal is to work together to use the best of conventional medical approaches and technologies and combine them with natural and lifestyle therapies of proven efficacy to help you reach your optimal health and wellness. A compassionate atmosphere is at the center of this approach, as we seek to understand the patient from a whole-person perspective, rather than approaching them as purely someone with a healthcare concern.

Here at Health Care Solutions, PA our providers strive to follow a collaborative practice model in which all employees and providers serve as integral members of a team working towards a common goal. All of our team members bring unique skills, talents, and perspectives while sharing responsibility for reaching our goal. This means that our providers work together with patient care, as each provider can add their own positive impact and perspective to your health care plan. Communication about all aspects of the practice and the care of patients is crucial to this endeavor. We believe this to be the most effective care approach and appreciate your participation in its process.

This is what we hope to offer to our patients- an interest and concern for them as individuals, coupled with the combined knowledge and expertise to help lead them to optimal health and function in their lives.

Thank you for being a part of our growth.

Health Care Solutions

Health Care Solutions

To request appointment availability, please call our office at (575) 524-3346.

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